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Garage Door Repair In Auburn, WA

Whether your home needs its garage door repaired or a new garage door entirely, Same Day Garage Door Service is more than happy to provide you with our industry-leading garage door services. With 10+ years of constantly revising our training and upgrading our tools, we are confident that we have reached a level of efficiency and quality that gives us an edge over our competitors. By prioritizing customer satisfaction, we have been able to consistently provide local residents with an unmatched quality of work that has never failed to be completed in a timely manner. Not only that, but our variety of services ensure that each client has all of their needs met without looking elsewhere. By choosing Same Day Garage Door Service, you are choosing a reliable service that you will not regret.

Garage Door Services & Products

Garage Door Installation

We install various kinds of garage doors that come from a wide selection of brands that we trust.

Garage Door Tune Ups

Leave it to the professional’s to ensure your garage door gets the best lubricant, safety inspection, and maintenance it needs to ensure your garage door will continue functioning the way it should.

Garage Door Openers

We offer a wide array of garage door openers. Let our technician come to your house to show you your best options when it comes to garage door openers.

Garage Door Repairs

Parts will break over time, it happens. With all the moving parts a garage door has, it’s vital to ensure your garage door functions properly at all times.

Our trained technician’s show up to the job ready for any garage door repair or issue that comes their way!


At Same Day Garage Door Service, we value more than just sales. As a matter of fact, our main priority is being able to provide clients with a quality of service that they will not find elsewhere, while completing the job with efficiency that no one else can provide. By putting our clients first, we are constantly motivated to refine our procedures and training protocols to ensure that our entire team is as sharp as can be. Additionally, we heavily emphasize strong, clear communication with our clients to make sure that no details are missed and that everybody is on the same page. With us, your satisfaction matters above all else.

We service all major garage openers & garage door brands

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Get Your Garage Door Repaired In Auburn, WA

If your garage door is broken, noisy, or not closing properly, it’s likely a problem with one of its components. Whether it’s a broken spring or a broken track, there are some things you can do to repair it yourself. If you don’t have the tools or time to call a professional, you can take care of it yourself with a few basic steps.

Getting your garage door opener repaired is a difficult process. You need a professional who knows how to do the job right and will not leave you stranded. The best thing to do is call a garage door repair service to do the job for you. This way, you can get your garage door up and running again in no time.

Serving the King, Pierce, & Snohomish County Washington Area’s!

About Same Day Garage Door Service

For 10+ years, our team has offered a variety of garage door services to residents across Washington. Serving the King, Pierce, and Snohomish counties, we have consistently succeeded in providing a range of services including repairs, replacements, garage door openers, custom garage doors, and many more. At Same Day Garage Door Service, we truly believe that our success comes from the fact that we put 100% effort in not only the job we do, but also in how we treat our clients. It is because we have prioritized our clients throughout all these years that we have been able to consistently deliver the best garage door services around, and we hope to continue doing so for many years to come.

Let Us Repair Your Garage Door In Auburn, WA

Garage door openers are motorized devices that open and close the garage door for you. They operate by triggering switches on the garage wall. Some openers also come with a handheld radio remote control that can open or close the door remotely. It can be convenient to have this device close the garage door from a distance if you are out of the house.

Garage door springs are important for maintaining the door’s stability. When they are functioning properly, they should keep the door completely still when lifted halfway. If they are not, then you might need to adjust them or even replace them. If this doesn’t solve the problem, a professional garage door spring repair technician is needed. They have the necessary tools and training to repair your garage door springs properly. Choosing the right spring for your garage is vital. A broken spring is dangerous and can cause injuries, especially if children are around. Moreover, a broken spring can lead to a gap or misalignment. Contact Same Day Garage Service for a free quote!