Common Problems With Garage Doors

Common Problems With Garage Doors

Are you having trouble with your garage door? Don’t worry – you’re not alone! In this blog post, we’ll explore the most common issues and malfunctions experienced by garage door owners with their common garage door, as well as ways to troubleshoot and fix them. Read on to learn more about garage door problems!

Misaligned Garage Door Tracks

Misaligned garage door tracks and spring system are a common problem that can prevent your garage door from opening or closing properly. The garage door track is what the garage door roller rolls along, so if it’s misaligned, the roller won’t be able to move smoothly. If the tracks are bent or otherwise damaged, they may need to be replaced. Additionally, if the tracks are not evenly aligned, they may need to be adjusted. If left unaddressed, this problem can cause further damage to your garage door and opener.

Garage Door Opener Issues

One of the most common issues with garage door openers is the switch not working. This can be caused by a number of things, such as a loose connection or improper installation. A simple fix and the first thing to do is check the connections and make sure everything is secure and check the wall switch that connects to your automatic garage door. Other problems with garage door openers include the keypad not working, the remote control not working, and the motor running but the door not moving. If these issues occur, it may be necessary to replace the opener altogether. Additionally, if you hear loud grinding noises, this may be due to worn out gears and should be serviced as soon as possible.

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Broken Springs

When it comes to garage door issues, maintenance for broken springs are a common problem. Springs are responsible for supporting the majority of the weight of the door, so when they break, the door can become stuck or unbalanced. If your springs are worn down, frayed, or broken, it’s important to get them replaced by a professional garage door technician as soon as possible.

Frayed or Worn Cables

Frayed or worn cables are another common issue found in garage doors. The cables are responsible for providing the necessary tension and support to the door, so if they become frayed or worn, it can result in a malfunctioning door. It’s important to inspect the cables periodically to ensure they are in good condition. If you find any fraying or wear, it’s best to replace the cables as soon as possible to maintain the safety and functionality of your garage door.

Snapped Rollers

While misaligned tracks can cause your garage door to get stuck, snapped rollers can cause even more serious problems. Rollers play an essential role in the smooth operation of your garage door. If they become too worn or damaged they can cause the door to become unbalanced, making it difficult to open and close. In some cases, it can even cause the door to completely come off the track. It’s important to inspect your rollers regularly to ensure they are in good condition and replace them as needed.

Corroded Hardware

Corroded hardware can cause many issues with garage doors, such as preventing the door from fully opening or closing, or making it difficult to open and close. This can be especially problematic if the hardware is in contact with the moving parts of the door. Corroded hardware should be replaced as soon as it is noticed, as it can cause further damage to the garage door and opener if left unattended. It is important to inspect all of the hardware on your garage door regularly to ensure that it is not corroding or becoming damaged.

Damaged Sections

It’s not uncommon for sections of a garage door to become damaged due to normal wear and tear. This can be caused by children playing, pets running into the door, or even a car hitting the garage door. If you notice any dents or warped sections on the door, it’s important to have garages inspected by experts and replaced if necessary. In addition, it’s important to check the hardware that holds the door together to ensure that it is in good condition. If the hardware is broken or worn, it could lead to the door becoming unsafe and unsecure.

Misaligned Photo Eyes

One of the most common problems with garage doors is misaligned photo eyes. This is a safety feature that is designed to stop the door from closing if it senses something in its path. If the photo eyes become misaligned, the door will not close properly and can even cause it to become stuck. To fix this issue, you will need to realign the photo eyes so they are pointing directly at each other. If you cannot do this yourself, you can call a professional garage door repair technician to help you out.

Outdated Door Design

Outdated door design is a common problem that can cause garage door issues. If your garage door opener is more than 15 years old, it may not be compatible with newer safety devices. Systems that are not compatible can lead to issues with the garage door opening or closing. It’s important to make sure that your garage door opener is up to date and meets all safety standards. If you’re unsure, contact a professional to inspect your garage door.

Incorrectly Installed Parts

Installing parts in your garage door incorrectly can cause many issues, from the door not opening or closing properly to loud grinding noises coming from the opener. To ensure that all parts are correctly installed, it is important to contact a professional technician to perform the installation. Doing so will ensure that all parts are properly connected and working correctly, and that any potential issues are caught before they become a bigger problem.

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If you’re still not sure what might be causing the issue, that’s okay too. A professional garage door technician has the experience and knowledge to properly diagnose and fix any issue with your garage door. They have likely encountered similar issues in the past and will know how to quickly and efficiently diagnose the problem. Additionally, they have the proper tools and equipment to properly diagnose and fix the issue. Don’t be afraid to ask questions when calling a professional, they will be able to provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision about the repair or replacement of your garage door.

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